One brief book recommendation, once every month.

Trema [?] is my corner of Substack, where I write one book recommendation per month. For me, it is an exercise in writing—briefly—about what I read. For you, hopefully, a place to find a surprising and enjoyable book.

I’ve kept lists of the best books I’ve read each year on my website, and I intend to extend the site to accommodate for me writing a small review for each of them. Until then, one short review will go up on this publication every month.

Subscribing is free, and I do not make any money off referral links.

Thank you for reading.

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One brief book recommendation, once every month.


Daniël van der Winden
Primarily reading fiction and essays, the occasional non-fiction—I do enjoy a good biography—and sometimes, sometimes I dip my toe in a bundle of poetry. Professionally, I am CDO and Partner at Bakken & Bæck, a technology-driven design studio.